Cao And Beijing Kite

Kites in Beijing, at least 300 years of history. Qing Dynasty "wins Teikyo age of mind" describes the Ching Ming grave, the millions of people cast kite event. Now, Beijing most likely to see the spring where the kite is Tiananmen Square.

Spring breeze, the variety, colorful kites in the sky flying over the square.
Beijing Dongcheng District Culture Center will be kite as "people around the cultural heritage", the annual kite making in the hall. The sidelines observing, that kites is a tedious and elaborate framework of the "slow work" job - the bamboo split into finer than the long chopsticks, and then scraping the blade back and forth, with small rasp file, with a special plane plane, and finally a certain alcohol lamp Wei bend ... ...

Talking about Beijing kite, instructors are fascinating, words are forever:
Beijing full of dynamic traditional kites, kite soft palate in the "eagle", children can spin up and down in the air, looked like an eagle hovering freely; long string of the kite in the "dragon", chasing its tail lifelike.

She listens to, can not help but think of Gyeonggi Province with Beijing kites spread the story of Cao Xueqin.

Cao Xueqin, when living in Western Hills, hands several kites, painted birds, butterflies, gave a live difficult to come to call upon the friends in the name.
Contrary to this friend is expected, even a few kites sold a lot of money. He was overjoyed, New Year's Eve buy meat door to thank the former shall buy wine. Cao will teach him a full set of skills to make kites, kite his friend made a name in the local, living to worry about. Since then, Cao Xueqin wrote the "South north kite Harrier Kao Gong Zhi", describes the manufacture of kites, painting and flying methods. Although the book lost, but the "Preface" reveals the original intention of writing: "I thought there today are no reports or disabled who are seeking their way to self-support also." That, sir, is to help more life embarrassment a way out and write those out of the writings.

We looked at things by the book to make the kite master, secretly wondered, so fine job, work patience, careful person Fang Yicheng worried. Tso able to make a kite just fine selling, which shows he is a meticulous person. Judging from this, "Dream of Red Mansions" language of the fine, delicate structure, not difficult to understand.

Beijing traditional kites, not only "The Moon Lady," "Hop Immortals", "Kirin Songzi" and other stories, and some graphics but also has symbolic meaning.
For example, "Yan Jing" kites, "thin Yan" skeleton elongated, figure to be light, the symbol of women; "fat Yan" skeleton vast, thick and powerful symbol of men; "thin Yan" with "fat Yan" merger " Shuang ", the symbol of band blending the husband and wife;" Chu Yan, "it symbolizes the lovely child ... ...

Interestingly, Cao Xueqin in the "Dream of Red Mansions" was mentioned in the kite, also has a "symbolic" means:

Chapters XXII, Tan Chun morning train riddle, said Kite, "a gossamer off muddy and weak, MO to the east complain separation" critics pointed out that this symbol of the chun of marrying men. Seventy gyrus, the girls cut their long-term girl, let go of the kite, to symbolize the "put bad luck" and even happy to say that "the root cause of the forest the girl child put."

Its worth noting that seventy-back, the gem put "beauty child" kite, no matter how Maili Qi have not put it - "himself a long time, since only the high room to fall, anxious to head sweat all out. " Tso this sum, perhaps the ultimate symbol of marital failure gem ... ...

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