Shenyang Peking Opera Troupe


The Shenyang Peking Opera Troupe was founded in 1959. It was previously known as the Northeast Art Association Pingju Opera Troupe which was established in 1947.

The representative plays of the Troupe include "Yandang Mountain", "A Thousand Miles of Loyalty", "Breaking Through Three Fortresses", "Reunion in Gucheng", "Revolt in Xuzhou", "Beauty Trap", "Hai Rui Pulling Boats", "Leopard", "Chariot fighter", suolin bag", "emerald hairpin", "Trangedy in the Barren Hill", "Hu-jia", "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", "Doluble Wolves Pass", "Presenting Pearl on the Rainbow Bridge", "Stealing Sacred Herbs", "At the Crossing", "Green Stone Mountain, "Fight against Rolling Carts", "Eighteen Arhat Fighting with the Monkey king", The True Monkey king versus the False one" ,"Spring in Jade Court", "Broken Bridge", "Silang Visiting His Mother", "Stealing the Soul Bell", "Wang Baochuan", "Match Maker", "Jade Bracelet", "Fairy Distributing Flowers", "the Red Plum Blossom Chamber", "Wenzhao pass", "Black Basin Trap", "Black Gauze Cup Trap", "Emperor Kangxi", "Annalas of Post-in Dynasty" and etc.

In the 1950's, the Troupe went to a dozen of European Countries for performance, Since the 1980's, it has visited Singapore, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, RO Korea, the United States, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong region, where its performances were warmly welcomed and highly praised.

The Troupe has a number of senior artists including Tang Yunsheng who was known as one of the three best Peking Opera artists in China, Qin Younei, Hang Yunpeng and Zhou Zhongbo; middle-aged artists Tang Xiaomei, Wang Lifang, Gu Jingrong, Wang Qingyuan and others. In recent years, young talented artists of the Theater won several prizes in national, provincial and municipal competitions. For instance, of Cheng's school art Chi Xiaoqiu was awarded the Wenhua Award and Plum Blossom Award. Li Jingwen known as the "Heroine Queen, Among the Southeast Asian audience, is the winner of Plum Blossom Award and Performing Award of the National Peking Opera TV Competition.

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