Village fare to whet the taste buds

STEAMED Sheshan Mountain yellow peaches, Zhangze goat meat and white goose hors d'oeuvres were among the top 10 village dishes in Songjiang, according to a recent survey.

All of the 10 dishes are made with locally grown produce and animals, and are featured cuisine in Songjiang restaurants.

The steamed peaches are made by mashing the fruit's flesh, adding some rock sugar and warming it all in a quick oven. The dessert is dotted with Chinese wolfberry before serving.

Zhangze goat is another signature dish of Songjiang. The meat is marinated in rice wine or other local alcohol, according to a centuries-old farm tradition.
It then can be used in a variety of dishes, including stir fry and braising, and is often spiced with hot chili.

The Songjiang Agricultural Committee and the Songjiang Catering Association last year began their annual ranking of local culinary specialties.

The top ranking dishes in 2011 included the Yexie Town pastry and stewed mutton.

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