Blue and white plate with mandarin ducks and lotus pattern


Yuan Dynasty
Height: 7.3cm
Mouth diameter: 46.4cm
Foot diameter: 29.8cm

Folded rim, 16-water chestnut-petal shaped mouth, flat bottom, and ring foot. The inner and outer surface is applied with bright blue glaze, while the bottom is unadorned without glaze. Blue and white patterns are decorated on both inner and outer surface. The inner rim is circled with brocade motif. On the inner wall is a ring of flowers with branches, in which six blossoming peonies are dotted among the curved branches. On the middle of the plate is the theme pattern of mandarin ducks playing among the lotus flowers: the lotus are vertically arranged in a circle, and a pair of mandarin ducks playing among them. The outer wall is circled with interlocking peony flowers and branches, which are corresponding to the auspicious motifs adorned on the inner wall.

The plate is beautifully and regularly designed. The patterns are delicate and precisely structured, in which several layers of strip-shaped supplementary motifs are used to set off the theme pattern. A double-line blue and white ring is set between the neighboring layers of motif, which makes the decoration rich but with clear arrangement. The plate, bright in color, was a masterwork of the Jindezhen blue and white porcelain produced in the late Yuan Dynasty.