Bluish-white glazed bowl with kids playing pattern


Yongzheng Period, Qing Dynasty
Height: 4.5cm
Mouth diameter: 5cm
Foot diameter: 4.8cm

Open mouth, folded belly, ring foot. Robbin's egg glaze is applied to both inner and out surfaces. Within the foot there are four seal-script characters in intaglio inscribed in double lines which read "Yongzheng Nianzhi" (made in Yongzheng Period).

Robbin's egg glaze (lu jun glaze) should be fired first at a low-temperature, and then sent to the kiln for secondary firing. The glaze was a variety imitating jun glaze created in the imperial kiln of Jindezhen during the Yongzheng Period of the Qing Dynasty. The robbin's egg glaze with a mark of "Yongzheng Period" features alternative integration of blue and white or red and blue, glaze of changeful colors being fired under different conditions in the kiln. The water container, with its novel design and delicate shape, is a rare masterpiece.