Celadon Box Carved with Lotus Design Produced in Yueyao Kiln


Five Dynasties
Height: 4.8cm
Mouth diameter: 8.8cm
Foot diameter: 5.4cm

Straight mouth, splayed loop leg, carved flat cover. The patterns on the cover feature a lotus seedpod surrounded by lotus petals. Both the edge of the cover and the middle waist of the box are ringed with a line of string patterns. The inside, outside and the leg are fully glazed in bluish yellow.

The celadon ware produced in Yueyao Kiln of the Five Dynasties are best known for their fine texture, thin and light body, smooth glaze, elegant shape, and increasingly mature carving technique. This carved box is a masterwork of the Five Dynasties. It is applied with thin and even glaze all over, and the lifelike lotus petals are a testament to perfect carving skills.