Celadon-Glazed Pot with One Handle and Carved Patterns


Southern Dynasties
Height: 21.3cm
Mouth diameter: 11cm
Foot diameter: 12.4cm

Mouth with a folded edge, short neck, round belly, and flat bottom; there are two double-slip shaped knobs in symmetry on two sides of the shoulders, with a short tube-like spout on another side and a handle right across from it. The tip of the handle is sticking out and slightly curved outward. The pot is full and round in shape and the grayish white body is thick and heavy. The inside and outside of the pot are applied with bluish green glaze. The thickly-glazed parts are transparent, giving a glass-like feel.

There are three groups of decorative patterns on this pot, with a line of upward and downward-facing lotus petals ringing the shoulders and the lower belly respectively, and carved honeysuckle patterns in between. Every two lines of patterns are separated by string patterns. These decorative patterns are arranged in clear layers and drawn with simple, smooth and elegant live lines.