Celadon-Glazed Pottery Jar with Four Knobs and a Cover with Bird Design


Western Jin Dynasty
Height: 9.3cm
Mouth diameter: 8.2cm
Foot diameter: 8.2cm

Contracted mouth, flat belly, splayed loop leg, a curved knob on each of the four sides of the shoulders; The outer surface of the jar is mould-pressed with diamond-shaped grids that are interspersed with line-drawn string patterns. The inside and outside of the jar are celadon-glazed, except for the inside of the loop leg. The cover is round and its edge fits into the mouth of the jar. The surface of the cover is decorated with three lines of low-lying broad string patterns, with a pair of carved birds on the top. The lively and vivid birds are standing face to face, with their wings spread and tails turned up.