Celadon plate with dragon design produced in the Longquan Kiln


Yuan Dynasty
Height: 7.5cm
Mouth diameter: 42.9cm
Foot diameter: 29cm

Open mouth, shallow belly, flat bottom, ring foot. Celadon glaze is applied to the whole plate except the bottom part, which takes on a red kiln color. The middle of the plate is molded with cloud and dragon pattern, and the inner wall is carved with flower motif. The plate is big in size, the base thick and the glaze greenish yellow. The molded cloud and dragon design is clearly seen under the thick glaze layer. It is typical celadon porcelain produced in the Longquan Kiln of the Yuan Dynasty.

Though the region firing Longquan celadon porcelain had expanded and the output sharply increased from the Song to Yuan Dynasty, the plum green glaze fired in the Southern Song Dynasty could no longer been produced. To make up the inadequacy, the kiln men in the Longquan Kiln of the Yuan Dynasty often adopted techniques such as molding, decal, openwork etc to adorn the porcelain so as to pursue the beauty of pattern and design.