Celadon vase with phoenix-shaped ears produced in the Longquan Kiln

Southern Song Dynasty
Height: 17.5cm
Mouth diameter: 5.7cm
Foot diameter: 6.3cm

Dish-shaped mouth, straight neck, folded shoulder, straight belly, ring foot. There is a phoenix-shaped ear on both sides of the neck. The base is grayish white, on which celadon glaze is applied. The surface has crackles, and the glaze is bright green and smooth.

In the Southern Song Dynasty the celadon porcelain produced in the Longquan Kiln stressed particularly on the tone. Through several times of glazing and changing the formula of glaze technique, the kiln men successfully produced two glaze colors – lavender grey and plum green, which represented the highest celadon porcelain firing level of China. The vase gives off fascinating appeal with its elegant charm, beautiful design as well as its smooth and bright glaze color.