Celadon vase with raised string design produced in Longquan Kiln


Southern Song Dynasty
Height: 31cm
Mouth diameter: 10cm
Foot diameter: 11.3cm

Inner contracted mouth, long and slim neck, sloping shoulder, flat, round and drooping belly, splayed ring foot, three raised strings on the neck and four in the mid-belly. Glaze is applied to both inner and outer surfaces. The base is white, and the ring foot takes on kiln red color. The celadon glaze applied to the vase looks green and translucent like jade. In particular, the raised part of the seven strings where the celadon glaze is thinly applied reveals its white base, forming a white line which is commonly called "chujin" (literally, showing veins). It is supposed to show the whiteness of the clay, setting off the beauty of the celadon glaze.

The celadon vase with raised string design represents the porcelain firing level of the Longquan Kiln at its prime time in the Southern Song Dynasty.