Child-Shaped Porcelain Pillow


Song Dynasty
Height: 18.3cm
Length: 30cm
Width: 11.8cm

The pillow is shaped like a child lying on his stomach on a couch, with the back of the child serving as the top of the pillow. The child rests his head on folded arms, with a silk ball in the right hand. Crossing and turning up his feet, the child wears a long robe and a sleeveless jacket. The lower part of the robe is decorated with round flower patterns. Mould-pressed with decorative patterns, the couch is applied with paneled decoration on four sides. One side is engraved with hornless dragons in relief, the opposite side is smooth and unadorned, and the other two sides are engraved with ruyi head patterns in relief. The pillow is glazed in slight yellow. The bottom is unglazed and has two holes.

This child-shaped pillow is elaborately created, featuring a lifelike and carefree child. It's a rare treasure of ancient Chinese porcelain ware.