Double-Eared Celadon Pot


Eastern Han Dynasty
Height: 24.5cm
Mouth diameter: 11.5cm
Bottom diameter: 9cm

Brush pen washer-shaped mouth, narrow neck, sloping shoulders, bulgy belly, gradually tapering off from the belly down, flat bottom, two symmetrical vertical ears at the shoulders. The outside and the inside of the pot are applied with celadon glaze, but the lower part of the outside is left unglazed. The neck and the shoulders are engraved with water wave patterns, and the belly is engraved with closely arranged string patterns.   

The double-eared celadon pot has a thin base and is applied with a layer of even and smooth glaze. It is a celadon-glazed article just derived from primitive ceramics and is of better quality. It can be regarded as one of the earliest ceramics of China.