Doucai cup with chicken design


Chenghua Period, Ming Dynasty
Height: 3.3cm
Mouth diameter: 8.3cm
Foot diameter: 4.1cm

Open mouth slanting outward, the body gradually contracted downward, flat bottom. The cup is delicate with soft outline, presenting the charm of stateliness, elegance, grace and beauty. The outer wall is adorned with two flocks of hens and chicks, which are interspersed by lake rocks, China rose, and orchid, presenting the scene of early spring. No glaze is applied to the foot bottom. Right in the middle of the bottom six characters in regular script are inscribed within the two square frames in blue and white, which read "Daming Chenghua Nianzhi" (made in the Chenghua Period of the Great Ming Dynasty).

The cup, appreciated for its novel design, fresh decoration, and elaborate craftwork, can be acclaimed as the model of doucai porcelain made in the Chenghua Period of the Ming Dynasty. The base is white and smooth, light and translucent, and the white glaze soft and lustrous with same quality on inner and outer surface. The decorative pattern on the cup wall goes well with the cup shape, the density well arranged. The pattern is adorned with underglaze blue and white and overglaze red, green, light green, light yellow, turmeric, black etc. The pattern is glowing with radiating vigor, presenting a lifelike appeal.