Egg-white glazed plate with cloud and dragon pattern and "Tai Xi" inscriptions


Yuan Dynasty
Height: 2.3cm
Mouth diameter: 17.8cm
Foot diameter: 11.4cm

Open mouth, shallow arc wall, and ring foot. The base firm and white, applied with thick glaze in devitrifying state. The glaze is bright and smooth, taking on greenish white similar to the color of the goose egg, thus named "egg white glaze". The part within the foot is not glazed with base color revealed.

The outer wall is adorned with a ring of distorted lotus petal, the tip of which is carved with a raised string line. Raised patterns are decorated on the inner surface: on the middle of the plate is a dragon, which is supplemented with clouds and fire bead. With wide-open mouth and revealed teeth, the dragon moves its body, looking quite strong and vigorous. The inner wall is decorated with patterns of interlocking lotus holding up eight auspicious objects. Among the flowers the two characters "Tai Xi" are inscribed in symmetry.

Egg-white glazed porcelain wares inscribed with "Tai Xi" are quite rare; only three pieces have been handed down.