Handled Celadon Ewer Produced in Yueyao Kiln


Five Dynasties
Height: 19.7cm
Mouth diameter: 9.7cm
Foot diameter: 7.6cm

Flared mouth, short neck, sloping shoulders, long, round belly with melon lines forming five segments, shallow loop leg; There's a curved spout on one side of the ewer, a curved handle on the opposite side connecting the mouth and the shoulder, and two symmetrical vertical knobs on the other two sides. The inside, outside and the leg are celadon-glazed. And glaze surface is decorated with tiny cracks-like patterns and the root of the spout bears flambé glaze as a result of natural firing in the kiln.

Unlike handled ewers of the Tang Dynasty, ewers of the Five Dynasties are more reasonably shaped, especially the prolonged handle for easy grabbing. This handled celadon ewer best exemplifies these works.