Jingdezhen Kiln

From the Song Dynasty, Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province gradually became the national porcelain production center. It absorbed previous techniques of other kilns and surpassed them in many aspects, including colors, shapes, decorations, technique, etc. It continuously holds a leading position in the industry and won itself the title "Capital of Porcelain".


Bluish-white glazed bowl with kids playing pattern

Song Dynasty

Height: 6.7cm

Mouth diameter: 20.8cm

Foot diameter: 6cm

Egg-white glazed plate with cloud and dragon pattern and "Tai Xi" inscriptions

Yuan Dynasty

Height: 2.3cm

Mouth diameter: 17.8cm

Foot diameter: 11.4cm

Blue and white plate with mandarin ducks and lotus pattern

Yuan Dynasty

Height: 7.3cm

Mouth diameter: 46.4cm

Foot diameter: 29.8cm

Blue and white jar with peony pattern

Yuan Dynasty

Height: 27.3cm

Mouth diameter: 20.4cm

Foot diameter: 19cm

"Yu Hu Chun" vase with design of pine, bamboo and plum in underglaze red

Ming Dynasty

Height: 33cm

Mouth diameter: 8.8cm

Foot diameter: 11.3cm

Doucai cup with chicken design

Chenghua Period, Ming Dynasty

Height: 3.3cm

Mouth diameter: 8.3cm

Foot diameter: 4.1cm

Wood grain glazed brush holder with ink landscape pattern

Yongzheng Period, Qing Dynasty

Height: 14.2cm

Mouth diameter: 18.4cm

Bottom diameter: 18.6cm

Bluish-white glazed bowl with kids playing pattern

Yongzheng Period, Qing Dynasty

Height: 4.5cm

Mouth diameter: 5cm

Foot diameter: 4.8cm