Melon-shaped celadon ewer produced in the Yue Kiln


Song Dynasty
Height: 23cm
Mouth Diameter: 12.5cm
Foot diameter: 9.1cm

Out-stretching mouth, straight neck, four-segment-melon shaped oval belly; a curved long spout at one side, and a crooked handle on the other side, between which there are two handles; ring foot. The out bottom is inscribed with four characters, "Tai Ping Wu Yin". The whole vessel is applied with celadon glaze. "Tai Ping Wu Yin" refers to the third year of Taiping Xingguo Period (978) in the Northern Song Dynasty.

The ewer mirrors the features of those fired in early Yue Kiln of the Northern Song Dynasty, such as four-segment-melon shaped belly, relatively short spout, etc, and it provides important material data for the research on the evolvement of the ewer in the Yue Kiln.