Octagonal porcelain pillow produced in Cizhou Kiln


Song Dynasty
Height: 12cm
Length of the pillow top: 32cm, width: 23cm
Length of the bottom: 31cm, width: 21.5cm

Octagonal, both the top and the bottom having a rim, eight bamboo-node-shaped arrises at the pillar wall, a blowhole at the pillow back, unadorned background without glaze. On the pillow top a plucked peony flower is painted with black pigment against the white background, and the vein of the petal and leaves is also painted. Frames in black pigment are delineated at the border of the pillow top.

The pillow adorned with bamboo nodes was typical of porcelain produced in Cizhou Kiln in the Song Dynasty. The painting on the top is delicate and lifelike; the pillow is a high-grade product of the Cizhou Kiln.