Porcelain from the Han to the Southern and Northern Dynasties

During this period the Chinese ceramic industry had reached an important stage. Porcelain making can be divided into two main categories: the celadon of the south and the white porcelain of the north. This development laid a solid foundation for Chinese porcelain production, and paved the way to a golden age in the Tang Dynasty.


Celadon-Glazed Pot with Chiseled Patterns & Two Ears

Western Han Dynasty

Height: 32.6cm

Mouth diameter: 14.3cm

Foot diameter: 14cm

Double-Eared Celadon Pot

Eastern Han Dynasty

Height: 24.5cm

Mouth diameter: 11.5cm

Bottom diameter: 9cm

Black-Glazed Pottery Pot with a Rooster Head-Shaped Spout

Eastern Jin Dynasty

Height: 17cm

Mouth diameter: 7cm

Bottom diameter: 9.3cm

Celadon-Glazed Pottery Jar with Four Knobs and a Cover with Bird Design

Western Jin Dynasty

Height: 9.3cm

Mouth diameter: 8.2cm

Foot diameter: 8.2cm

Celadon-Glazed Pot with One Handle and Carved Patterns

Southern Dynasties

Height: 21.3cm

Mouth diameter: 11cm

Foot diameter: 12.4cm

Yellow-and-Green Glazed Jar with Four Knobs & Carved Lotus Petal Design

Northern Qi Dynasty

Height: 23.5cm

Mouth diameter: 7.7cm

Foot diameter: 8.4cm