Porcelain from the Tang to the Five Dynasties

In the Tang Dynasty, areas where ceramics were manufactured expanded and the quality of the products were improved considerably. The polychrome-glazed pottery in the Tang Dynasty which reached an unprecedented degree of sophistication represented a dramatic advance in porcelain production. The Yue Kiln celadon of the south and the Xing Kiln white porcelain of the north were the highest achievements of the two regions. Meanwhile the active experimentation in techniques during the Five Dynasties laid grounds for the rapid development of porcelain manufacturing in the Song Dynasty.


Covered Sancai Jar

Tang Dynasty

Height: 23.5cm

Mouth diameter: 12.8cm

Foot diameter: 12.8cm

Sancai Candlestick

Tang Dynasty

Height: 29.8cm

Mouth diameter: 7cm

Foot diameter: 12cm

White-Glazed Pottery Lion

Tang Dynasty

Height: 10.8cm

Bottom diameter: 6.3cm

Black-Glazed Pottery Ewer with Blue Speckles

Tang Dynasty

Height: 15.6cm

Mouth diameter: 7.5cm

Bottom diameter: 8.6cm

Celadon Box Carved with Lotus Design Produced in Yueyao Kiln

Five Dynasties

Height: 4.8cm

Mouth diameter: 8.8cm

Foot diameter: 5.4cm

Handled Celadon Ewer Produced in Yueyao Kiln

Five Dynasties

Height: 19.7cm

Mouth diameter: 9.7cm

Foot diameter: 7.6cm