Porcelain in the Song, Liao, and Jin Dynasties

In this period, there was a boom in porcelain-making industry and kilns were dotted all over the land. Various types of porcelain ware, corresponding to local materials, feuls and craftsmanship, appeared in different places. The five famous kilns, Ru, Guan, Ge, Ding and Jun, manufactured exquisite porcelain for the imperial court. Besides, private kilns in both the south and the north produced household wares of high quality in great numbers. Porcelain manufacturing in the north under Liao and Xi Xia rulers incorporated various flavors of ethnic minorities into the ceramic industry.


Child-Shaped Porcelain Pillow

Song Dynasty

Height: 18.3cm

Length: 30cm

Width: 11.8cm

Three-Legged Stove Produced in Longquan Kiln

Song Dynasty

Height: 12.4cm

Mouth diameter: 14.5cm

Width between legs: 9.2cm

Sancai Plate Carved with Egret and Lotus Design

Liao Dynasty

Height: 3.1cm

Mouth diameter: 12.2cm

Foot diameter: 7.5cm

Green-Glazed Single-Handled Pot with Carved Patterns

Liao Dynasty

Height: 14cm

Mouth diameter: 4.5cm

Foot diameter: 7.5cm

Black-Glazed Jar with Scraped Patterns

Jin Dynasty

Height: 17cm

Mouth diameter: 13.5cm

Foot diameter: 9.5cm

Small Pot with Coin Design Produced in Yaozhou Kiln

Jin Dynasty

Height: 13cm

Mouth diameter: 4cm

Foot diameter: 6cm