Porcelain pillow with kids playing pattern produced in Cizhou Kiln


Song Dynasty
Height: 10.4cm
Length: 29.9cm
Width: 22.5cm

The pillow is in round waist shape, the top being lower in the front and higher at the back. White glazed, the top and side are decorated with kids playing pattern in black pigment. The border of the pillow top is sketched with ruyi-shaped pattern and double raised lines, between which four groups of curled branch patterns are decorated. The side is adorned with simple flower and grass pattern. The theme pattern on the pillow is precisely sketched, delineating two kids playing together. A bird is perching on the head of one kid, who is surprised; the other kid seems quite exciting, and is about to catch the bird.

Though just a few sketches, the picture on the pillow is vivid and lifelike.