Porcelain Sculpture of Old Man, Crane & Deer Produced in Dehua Kiln


Ming Dynasty
Height: 29cm

The old man has white hair and a youthful face with loving smiles, eyes slightly looking down. Wearing a loose robe with crane patterns, he sits on top of a cave with legs crossed and looks relaxed and happy. With his head slightly tilted, he folds his arms and rests them on the stone table, holding a sutra scroll in the right hand. He looks pretty much like an immortal deity. There's a small deer crouching on the left side of the cave, raising its head, pricking up its ears, and fixing its eyes on the old man's head. On the right side of the cave, there's a crane with long legs and a crooked neck, trying to look for something. The contrast between the still deer and the moving crane adds lots of vitality and interest to the sculpture. There's a bottle gourd-shaped seal mark of three characters reading "He Chaozong" (the name of a celebrated Chinese potter in the early 17th century) in intaglio on the back of the old man.

The Ming Dynasty witnessed the start of Dehua Kiln, the producer of world-famous Dehua porcelain ware. The glaze color of the porcelain articles is as beautiful as ivory, commonly known as "ivory white". Dehua ware is one of the most precious porcelain articles of China.