Pottery in the Neolithic Age

According to archaeological findings, pottery appeared in China in the early period of the Neolithic Age, about 10,000 years ago. The development of agriculture led to a sedentary lifestyle and gradually diverse potteries were made to meet people's daily needs. Pottery vessels were used for cooking, storing, and drinking. Over the years, pottery making technique developed rapidly. Many pottery manufacturing sites have been found across the country.


Painted Pottery Jar with Two Ears and Whirlpool Design

Majiayao Culture Period

Height: 37cm

Mouth diameter: 10cm

Painted Pottery Bowl

Majiayao Culture Period

Height: 9.6cm

Mouth diameter: 21.3cm

Red Pottery Gui Tripod

Longshan Culture Period

Height: 39cm

Mouth diameter: 11.9cm

Red Pottery Jar with Two Ears

Qijia Culture Period

Height: 12.2cm

Mouth diameter: 8cm

Foot diameter: 4.5cm