Procelain from the Yuan to the Qing Dynasties

In the Yuan Dynasty, Jingdezhen already had the ability to mass-produce fine blue and white porcelain. Then during the Ming and Qing dynasties, many new types of wares were created. High quality porcelain with elegant shapes made Jingdezhen known as "the Capital of Porcelain". Ceramics-manufacturing crafts reached its zenith in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Tremendous varieties of vessel shapes, lustrous glaze colors and wonderful decoration designs of that period were conformative evidence. Famous brands included white Dehua wares from Fujian Province, Yixing Zisha (boccaro) wares from Jiangsu Province, and white Zhangzhou wares from Fujian Province. In the north, two important mass-produced wares were Fahua pottery from Shaanxi Province and Cizhou Kiln porcelain from Hebei Province.


Blue-and-White Handled Porcelain Pot with Phoenix-amid-Flowers Design

Yuan Dynasty

Height: 23.5cm

Mouth diameter: 4.7cm

Foot diameter: 7.3cm

Belly diameter: 13cm

Red-Underglazed Blue-and-White Handled Jar with Open-Carved Patterns

Yuan Dynasty

Height: 41cm

Mouth diameter: 15.5cm

Foot diameter: 18.5cm

Bright Red-Glazed Porcelain Bowl with High Stand

Yongle Period, Ming Dynasty

Height: 9.9cm

Mouth diameter: 15.8cm

Foot diameter: 4.2cm

Cobalt Blue-Glazed Plum Vase

Jiajing Period, Ming Dynasty

Height: 27.4cm

Mouth diameter: 3.8cm

Foot diameter: 8.6cm

Porcelain Sculpture of Old Man, Crane & Deer Produced in Dehua Kiln

Ming Dynasty

Height: 29cm

Porcelain Bowl Painted with Enamel Peony Design against Yellow Background

Kangxi Period, Qing Dynasty

Height: 7.8cm

Mouth diameter: 15cm

Foot diameter: 6cm

Famille Rose Porcelain Vase with Peony Design

Yongzheng Period, Qing Dynasty

Height: 27.5cm

Mouth diameter: 6.3cm

Foot diameter: 8.6cm

Lotus Leaf-Shaped Famille Rose Porcelain Citron Plate

Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty

Height: 3.8cm

Length: 15.7cm

Width: 10.5cm