Sancai Plate Carved with Egret and Lotus Design


Liao Dynasty
Height: 3.1cm
Mouth diameter: 12.2cm
Foot diameter: 7.5cm

Shaped like a nine-petal water chestnut flower, the plate is shallow and flat inside, with a loop leg at the bottom. The inside of the plate is carved with egret and lotus patterns as a background, on which glaze of three colors is applied. The making of the plate involves the following steps: 1) outlining patterns with an iron awl on the unfired ceramic body; 2) applying green glaze after biscuit firing; 3) applying grape purple glaze to the lotus leaves; 3) applying yellow glaze to the egrets and lotus flowers.
The carved patterns on this plate are smooth and natural. And the glaze of yellow, green and purple are applied in low temperature using fusing agent of lead oxide. The colors go perfectly well with one another. What's worth mentioning is the rare use of grape purple glaze in a sancai article of the Liao Dynasty.