Small Pot with Coin Design Produced in Yaozhou Kiln


Jin Dynasty
Height: 13cm
Mouth diameter: 4cm
Foot diameter: 6cm

Small mouth, sloping shoulders, bulgy belly, and loop leg. There's a curved spout on one side, and a short ribbon-shaped handle on the opposite side. On top of the mouth, there's a small flat cover with a knob. The pot is decorated with two groups of patterns—downward-facing lotus petals between two units of string patterns on the shoulders, and coin patterns ending with a line of string patterns on the belly. The pot is celadon-glazed all over, and the glaze color is yellowish greenblue.
Adorned with well-carved simple, and clear and straightforward patterns, and applied with yellowish green blue glaze all over, the pot is bold and vigorous in style.