Three-Legged Stove Produced in Longquan Kiln


Song Dynasty
Height: 12.4cm
Mouth diameter: 14.5cm
Width between legs: 9.2cm

Folded edge, short neck, flat round belly, three legs at the bottom; the shoulders are decorated with a line of string patterns in relief and there are three raised lines stretching from the legs on the belly. The stove is celadon-glazed all over, except for the brown tips of the three legs.

The glaze applied to this stove is typical plum green that is fresh and elegant. The three raised lines stretching from the belly to the legs on the belly are modeled after the decorative patterns on bronze ware. As the raised parts are thinly glazed, they look light white in color, and amazingly decorative. The regular lines against the jadeite-like glaze background are quite eye-catching.