White glazed leather bag-shaped pot produced in Xing Kiln


Tang Dynasty
Overall height: 12.5cm
Mouth diameter: 2.2cm
Bottom diameter: 12.5cm

The pot, narrow in the upper part and wide in the bottom, looks like a leather bag. At one side of the top is a short straight spout, in the middle a crooked handle, and the other side a curved tail. A raised pleated line is decorated at the juncture of the leather bag, and the same line is decorated in the middle. The whole pot is white-glazed, and the decorated lines where white glaze accumulates take on a bluish white color. On the flat sand bottom there are four characters inscribed in running-cursive script, which read "Xu Liushi Ji" (literally, marked by Xu Liushi).

The design originates from gold and silver wares of the Tang Dynasty, featuring solemn and elegant taste and practicability.