Yellow-and-Green Glazed Jar with Four Knobs & Carved Lotus Petal Design


Northern Qi Dynasty
Height: 23.5cm
Mouth diameter: 7.7cm
Foot diameter: 8.4cm

Straight mouth, sloping shoulders with four bow-shaped knobs, gradually tapering off from the belly down, false loop leg,flat bottom; the mouth and the lower belly are ringed with a line of carved string patterns respectively. There are several lines of carved string patterns around the shoulders and a line of honeysuckle patterns around the area below the four knobs. The belly is carved with downward-facing lotus petals and the upper part of the jar is applied with transparent yellow glaze, with a green band painted on each of the eight sides. The lower part of the jar is left unglazed.

Made of pure white pottery, this jar is well shaped and unlike previous articles, there's more than one glaze color, making the jar more decorative. Creations like this paved the way for the wonderful sancai (three-color) technique of the Tang Dynasty.