2 long-expected movies hit theatres today

2 long-expected movies hit theatres today
The film still shows lame policeman played by Wang Jingchun in thriller "The Witness". [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

A suspense thriller "The Witness", which has received wide praise after a screening in select theaters in China, will hit theatres nationwide today.

The movie is a Chinese adaptation of the popular Korean film, "The Blind", starring Chinese actress Yang Mi, the country's top popular entertainment star Lu Han and veteran actor Wang Jingchun.

Though the movie instills a sense of horror, Wang Jingchun displays light humor when describing his role.

"I act as a policeman with one disabled leg as a result of being injured in action. The movie is actually a story about the mutual help between two disabled people, one lame while another blind. The lame policeman eventually helps the blind girl in seizing a murderer. Though disabled, the pair are both strong in their mind in seeking justice."

Zhu Yawen, nominee as the best actor for Red Sorghum at the 2015 Shanghai TV Festival, plays the abnormal killer in Film 'The Witness'. Yang Mi plays the blind girl while Lu Han acts another witness, who's also assisted the blind girl in seizing criminals.

Another movie that arrives in theatres on Friday (today) is "Mountains May Depart" or Shan He Gu Ren in Chinese.

It is director Jia Zhangke's new film that begins with a romantic triangle in 1999.

In the movie, there's a touching scene about the mother played by the director's wife, Zhao Tao, giving her little son a set of keys to her home following her divorce from the son's father.

And according to the director, the inspiration comes from Jia Zhangke's true personal experiences.

"I had not left my hometown until I turned 21. Since then I spent little time at home with my mom. Once upon my return, my mother gave me a set of home keys asking me to take good care of them. When I left, I felt so sad, on the thought that I used to be such a causal guy who's never had a key with him to the parents' home. I hope my movie warns those with an emotional neglect of their parents that they should get the key back and often visit their parents."

The film "Mountains May Depart" or Shan He Gu Ren in Chinese marks Jia's comeback to the big screen following his last film almost a decade ago.

It contains three installments with the first two installments shot in the director's hometown Fenyang in northern China's Shanxi province, where all actors and the leading actresses speak the local dialect in the movie.

And the last part was shot in Australia and is made in English.