A Beijing Enamel "European Subject" Snuff Bottle

AD 1736 - 1750
Height: 4.6cm

Of compressed form with wide mouth, flat lip and recessed foot surrounded by a footrim, very finely enameled on one main side with a European lady in pink robes and an orange beaded necklace with a young boy in orange robes holding a fruit to his mouth, with buildings in the Western architectural style in the background, the other main side painted with another European lady dressed in orange, pink and green robes holding up a pink blossom in a basket, a young boy in blue tugging at her right elbow, both figures framed by rocks, trees and further European-style buildings, all between formal floral borders that extend to the narrow sides and shoulders, the neck encircled by a band of stylized scrolling foliage, the exposed metal at the neck and foot gilded, the foot inscribed with a four-character mark in regular script in blue enamel, Qianlong nian zhi (Made in the Qianlong period), gilt-metal stopper.