A Guangzhou Enamel "European Subject" Snuff Bottle

AD 1750 - 1795
Height: 7.1cm

Of flattened tapering form with flat lip and foot surrounded by a footrim, the body painted in famille rose enamels with a continuous scene of a European lady in a blue, flowing skirt and pink jacket, a walking stick in her right hand, with a young boy and brown dog beside her, walking along a tree-lined path beside a river with buildings and mountains in the distance, the other main side with a European man and young boy beside a water buffalo, all between borders of iron-red bats, the neck with bands of scrolling foliage, the foot inscribed with a four-character mark in blue enamel regular script, Qianlong nian zhi (Made in the Qianlong period), the exposed metal gilt, gilt-metal stopper with integral collar.