An Elegant Lacquer-Type Vase

Qianlong period, Qing Dynasty
Height: 31cm

Firmly potted form rests on a faintly splayed ring foot of reserve biscuit skirting a low, spherical belly, whose full form tapers gently to sloped shoulders a slender and straight neck, glazed over the outer surface with a mellow coral red glaze and on the base and inner wall in a delicate turquoise glaze, trimmed at the lip in gold glaze, a series of motifs are molded on the vase surface, beginning wtih key and fret ring at the foot, swelling out to a lotus leaf skirt and fully expanding and contracting across the belly with a gently crafted classic lotus scroll, the edges delicately rounded to give a subtle surface, ascending to a ruyi cloud collar under banana leaves and a key and fret ring about the lip, bottom pressed with a clear and fine Qianlong seal script mark.