An Enameled Glass Snuff Bottle

AD 1770 - 1960
Height: 5.5cm

Of compressed form with flat lip and recessed flat foot surrounded by a footrim, the translucent milky-white glass finely decorated with famille rose enamels with a continuous garden scene with roses, bamboo and asters, one main side painted with a pair of birds, the adult clinging to a stem of bamboo and reaching towards its young, which was perching on an ornamental rock formation, to offer the insect trapped in its beak, a band of stylized lingzhi heads encircling the base and a formalized pendent lappet border at the neck, the foot inscribed with a probably apocryphal four-character mark in blue enamel on the base, Qianlong nian zhi (Made in the Qianlong period), gilt-metal stopper.

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