'Ant-Man' rules China's box office

'Ant-Man' rules China's box office
Poster of "Ant-Man" [Photo: mtime.com]

American superhero flick "Ant-Man" ruled China's box office in the week ending Oct. 29, pulling in 250 million yuan (39.3 million U.S. dollars).

It has grossed about 523 million yuan since it was released on October 16.

Domestic "Goodbye Mr. Loser" came in at a respectable second place, earning 144 million yuan in the week. Its total box office hit 1.35 billion yuan since opening on September 30, China Film News reported Thursday.

The third place went to "Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno," which grossed 58.1 million yuan since opening on Oct. 23.

Animated fantasy "The Little Prince" landed in fourth place with 58 million yuan. The French production has earned 127.7 million yuan after it was released on Oct. 16.

Rounding out the top five was "The Youth That Is Fading Away," a domestic rom-com, which earned 28.5 million yuan in the week. It has grossed about 31.5 million yuan since opening on Oct. 23.