Bronze Mirror Carved with Four "Shan" Characters Inclined to Right


Warring States. Bronze mirror has a knob with string pattern on a square base. The ground is adorned with feather-like pattern, on which are symmetrically arranged four "Shan" characters inclining to right. The bottom strokes of the characters are in parallel with the four sides of the square. A petal cast outside each corner of the square and another one above each "Shan" at left. The four "Shan" are spaced with four flowers each with a long leave pattern stretching rightwards. All these petals and flowers are connected with rope-patterned bands. Although mirrors with four "Shan" characters are commonly seen and many pieces are unearthed from tombs of Chu State in Changsha of Hunan Province, this mirror was once broken, it still a desirable collection due to its intricate and elegant decorations and refined craftsmanship.