Colin Farrell attends premiere of 'The Lobster'

Colin Farrell attends premiere of 'The Lobster'
A poster of "The Lobster" [Photo:]

Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz walked the red carpet for the premiere of their quirky film 'The Lobster', which was screened at the London Film Festival on Tuesday night.

Set in a dystopian near future, this science fiction comedy depicts a couples-dominated world, where single people are given 45 days to find a mate, or be turned into the animal of their choice.

To meet the film's set, Farrell is seen behind glasses, a moustache and an unflattering paunch.

Rachel Weisz says she was surprised by the actor's unrecognizable image.

"I'd never met Colin before and I met him with his increased weight size, so his face is, his jawline was slightly obscured under some sweet doughy flesh. So, he'll always be David to me. I mean, he didn't get fat, by any means, he's just normal rather than a god."

'The Lobster' was shot in Ireland.

Besides promoting 'The Lobster', Farrell is also working on J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' spin off 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them'.

However, the actor was tight-lipped about the highly expected film.

"I'm under punishment of death if I speak too much about it. It is nice to be doing something that, hopefully, my boys can see, but I don't know if they ever want to see me in any films. They're sick of looking at me."

'The Lobster' is set to be released on October 16th in UK.