Collection of James Bond showcased in Mexico

A huge collection of James Bond memorabilia, photographs, trinkets and videos is now in full showcase in Mexico City.

Bond mania is on the rise with the forthcoming release of its latest installment, 'Spectre' in a few weeks.

Curator of The Designing 007, Bronwyn Cosgrave, gives more details on the exhibition.

"Viewers all over the world have really enjoyed about our show is that, is not a static..., is not a static exhibition. There's film footage, there's sound, music and you know costumes that come to life; so it really is this immersive experience in a fantasy world."

Another curator of the exhibition, AB Rogers, also unveils that visitors can see the costumes appearing in the upcoming Bond film for the first time.

The exhibition runs in Mexico city until January 10th, before transferring to Paris.