Duixu of Marquis of Jin

Food vessel, Late Western Zhou Dynasty
Mouth diameter: 20 * 26.7cm
Height: 22.2cm
Weight: 5.2kg

Xu is a food container and is used like Gui. Parallel inscriptions both on the lid and inside the artifact's body include 20 characters over 3 lines. This object was made for Marquis Jin. So it was named Duixu of Marquis of Jin.

The rims of this article's lid and mouth are bedecked with a squama design and the belly with a transverse channel-ridge design. Knobs, each with four dragons in a single line, are on the lid. The four feet are shaped like crouching men. With an aquiline nose, a broad mouth, some dots upon the lip as a moustache, and earring holes, these men raise their hands high to support the whole vessel. They also wear flat-sole boots with turnup-heads. Such figures are unique and rare on ancient Chinese bronzes.