Enamel-Embedded Gold Hairpin Inlaid with Pearls and Tourmalines


Qing Dynasty
Length: 24cm
Maximum width: 7.5cm

The hairpin is made of gold. The gold-wired body is hollowed out, with one end shaped like a long needle and the other having elaborated adornment. The adornment includes five engraved lingzhi forming a plum-flower shape, with a red tourmaline inlaid in each lingzhi. The center of the plum flower is a wired "shou" (meaning "longevity") character in seal script, with a Persian pearl embedded in the middle. Pine branches and bamboo leaves surround the "shou" character. The lingzhi, "shou" character, pine branches and bamboo leaves are all embedded with blue enamel.

The hairpin is beautifully structured with delicate craftsmanship. Its motifs symbolize prosperity and auspiciousness.