Gold Flat Hairpin Engraved with Patterns and Inlaid with Tourmalines and Pearls


Length: 31.1cm
Width: 4.2cm
Thickness: 0.4cm

The flat hairpin is made of gold, with patterns engraved on one side. Against the screen patterns on the front side, there are flowers and butterflies embedded with jade and tourmalines, symbolizing longevity and happiness. The upper and lower edges are engraved with plum and rope patterns respectively. The head of the hairpin is embedded with one pearl on each side, with one jade bat in the middle. There's a jeweler mark reading "yuedong Xinchangxin zujin", meaning "pure gold, Xinchangxing, east Guangdong".

The flat hairpin used to be a popular hair ornament in the Qing imperial court. These hairpins came in large numbers and a wide array of materials. This one is a masterpiece of all flat hairpins.