Gold Wired Sachet Inlaid with Pearls


Qing Dynasty
Length: 7.2cm
Width: 5cm
Thickness: 2.2cm

Made of alloy of 90% gold, the rectangular sachet with curved corners is made up of gold-wired petals. Pearls are used to form trees on both sides, with green gems being the leaves. The sachet is edged with turquoise pearls. Silk threads with red coral pearls are attached to the top and bottom of the sachet for adornment. The sachet is hollow inside, with a hinge on one side for opening and closing.

There are a wide variety of sachets in the Qing Dynasty. Gold ones are either round or rectangular, most of which are hollowed out. In the Qing Dynasty, the sachet holding aromatic herbs or flower petals was tied to the waist as an accessory.