Gui Gu Rectangular Zun

Wine vessel, Early Western Zhou Dynasty
Height: 21.8cm
Mouth diameter: 20.1cm

The vessel's size is not big, yet it has an unbelievably majestic look. It is among the top artifacts made at the zenith stage of the Shang and Zhou dynasties.

The vessel's name derives from the inscriptions on the bottom, which refers to a place and the official name of a family inhabited there in the early Zhou Dynasty.

This Zun has a horizontal shoulder. The parts from the neck to the mouth widen gradually in the shape of a trumpet. The belly and the encircled foot are rectangular. The subtleness of the shape and the proportions between different parts are arranged ingeniously.

Plantain leaves decorate Zun's neck. After careful studying, you can find every plantain leave is composed of upside-down and metamorphosed animal mask designs. Under the animal mask designs are beautiful phoenix designs in pairs. A bicephalous dragon encircles the shoulder, looking back imperially.