Holographic drama 'Seven' to hit Today Art Museum

Having you ever wanted to watch a stage play right on the stage where you could walk around and follow actors as they make their way around the set?

Now you may have your chance as innovative drama Seven is looking to change the way audiences experience a performance through the use of holographic technology and cleverly placed screens.

Scheduled to hit the Today Art Museum from October 28 to November 1, the show makes use of screens to create a series of rooms that audiences can move through at their leisure. Using projectors, images are then projected on the backs of these screens, allowing the audience free rein to move from room to room, giving the illusion that they are in the same space as the show's performers.

The story involves six individuals who wake up in a room only to discover that not only are parts of their memories are missing, but also different body parts. What follows is a journey full of unexpected secrets, shocks and choices as the group seek to regain what they once lost.

Thanks to the holographic tech, Seven feels extremely lifelike. Audiences can choose to follow a single actor as he or she moves through the corridors and present his or her story, or they can jump around the story by peeking in different rooms as the action unfolds.

"It's an unbelievable form of drama since this type of show is very rare in China now. For both actors and audiences, it's really very exciting and crazy, but also a deeply moving experience," Zhao Yunchen, one of the six performers in the film, said at a media preview for the show held on Sunday.

"My character tries to regain lost feelings by trying to fall in love with different people, only in the end realizing that what he needs to do is regain what his heart fell in love with from the start."