Mu Kui Yan

Cooking vessel, Early Western Zhou Dynasty
Height: 50.2cm
Mouth diameter: 31.3cm
Weight: 10.38kg

The Yan's belly constitutes two rooms. The upper room is Zeng, and "Mu Kui" is engraved on the inner wall of this upper Zeng. The lower room is Li with several layers. The two rooms communicate with each other by a Bizi, a kind of clapboard. Bizi, linked to the body, lets steam pass and can be turned upwards to clean the inner part of the Li. This Yan's feet are slender. The mouth is embellished with an animal mask design, the belly with a plantain-like animal mask and the pouch-like feet with a bovine head design. The elegant designs represented the high degree of the technique of bronzewares manufacturing in the early Western Zhou Dynasty.