Oscar buzz 'Carol' screened at BFI London Film Fest

Oscar buzz 'Carol' screened at BFI London Film Fest
Poster of the movie 'Carol'. [Photo: mtime.com]

Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett's new movie 'Carol' was screened at the ongoing BFI London Film Festival on Wednesday.

Directed by Todd Haynes, this British-American romantic drama tells the tale of an illicit love between two women in a conservative part of New York during the 1950s.

Blanchett elaborates on her collaboration with Rooney Mara, as the two leading roles in this film.

"We'd only met once before, actually, but I've long watched and eaten alive what she's done on film and I think her choices have been really interesting and she's worked with directors that I've worked with and, obviously, had fruitful, creative relationships with them. So, it sort of felt like a homecoming in a way. It was easy, we didn't over talk it, we just got on with it."

'Carol' is based on the novel 'The Price of Salt' by Patricia Highsmith.

It debuted at this year's Cannes Film Festival, where Blanchett and Mara were jointly awarded the Best Actress prize.

Blanchett gives her opinion on the potential competition, as there's been Oscar buzz surrounding the pair since the film made a premiere.

"I think it's a bit hubristic of me to even think about that. I'm here tonight and it's a very different audience to the audience in New York and I'm very proud of the film and it's been a labor of love, so, we'll see what the London audience makes of it."

'Carol' is set to hit theaters in the UK on November 27th, and the US on December 18th.