Ox-shaped Zun

Wine heater, Late Spring and Autumn Period
Height: 33.7cm
Length: 58.7cm

Oxen, rams and other animals used as ritual sacrifices in ancient times are called "Xi Sheng". Thus the name of "Xi Zun" is ascribed to this artifact because it is shaped into an ox. The vessel has a hollow belly and three holes on its neck and back. A panlike container can be set on the middle hole and be freely taken away. Considering the characteristics of its structure, it may have been used to warm wine - a pan-like container set to load the wine, and two holes in the front and the rear used to fill in hot water.

Xi Zun has a sturdy figure with delicate designs. The whole body, - head, neck, trunk, legs, and ass, - is clothed with manifold designs. In addition, some parts, such as the neck, are ornamented with small tigers, rhinoceros and other animals. The ox's nose is perforated, which shows oxen had been tamed to work for the people dating back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.