Pagoda of 90% Gold Inlaid with Multicolored Gems


Qing Dynasty
Height: 82cm
Bottom diameter: 36*36cm

The pagoda is made of 90% gold in the form of a Tibetan Buddhist pagoda. The bottom is a square Sumeru base, with motifs of scepters, bells, lotus petals and double lions engraved on four sides. On top of the Sumeru base, there's a four-layer round base, which is ringed with lotus petal motifs and the Manchurian scripts.

The pagoda belly is adorned with eight beast heads holding Buddhist ornaments in the mouth. The ornaments are all inlaid with turquoises. In the middle of the pagoda, there's a niche door covered with a glass cloche. The 13-layer pagoda finial is engraved with the Manchurian language, with four lines of turquoise pearls inlaid in between. There's a sun-moon structure made of black and white jade as well as a ruby-inlaid gem on the pinnacle of the pagoda.

The pagoda is also inlaid with tourmalines, lazurites, coral stones and other multicolored gems.

This glistening pagoda with exquisite motifs and various sorts of gems is gorgeous and luxurious.